Zyla 4.2 Plus sCMOS Camera | Andor

Zyla 4.2 PLUS

QE Boost to 82%
Up to 77% faster than competing sCMOS
Increased quantitative accuracy

82% QE and Industry Fastest Speed

Andor’s NEW Zyla 4.2 PLUS sCMOS camera features the latest generation QE-boosted sCMOS sensor technology, alongside market-leading frame rate performance, > 99.8% quantitative linearity and new application specific modes.

Offering the highest and broadest sCMOS QE profile available, maximizing at 82%, and ideally suited to a wide range of common fluorophores, the Zyla 4.2 PLUS is also uniquely speed-optimized to deliver a sustained 53 fps at full resolution through a super-convenient USB 3.0 interface, 77% faster than competing sCMOS cameras. New on-camera intelligence delivers a significant linearity improvement, providing unparalleled quantitative measurement accuracy across the full dynamic range.

QE Boost to 82%

The latest-generation sCMOS sensor delivers a further 10% boost in QE, providing excellent broad coverage of the VIS/NIR region. The enhanced sensitivity sensor is highly optimized to a wide range of common fluorophores. Improved signal to noise ratio enables use of shorter exposures and faster frame rates (complemented beautifully by the industry leading speed performance of Zyla 4.2 PLUS and also facilitates reduced cell phototoxicity and dye photobleaching.

82% QEmax
Optimized for a broad range of fluorophores
Reduced exposure times & faster frame rates
Reduced phototoxicity / photobleaching
Lower fluorophore concentrations

Market Leading Speed

The most popular sCMOS camera configurations on the market make use of super-convenient USB 3.0 interface. Superior data transfer efficiency and Zyla’s exclusive 12-bit high speed mode combine to deliver an incredible 53 fps through USB 3.0, up to 77% faster than competitor sCMOS cameras. With this capability, speed is on tap to allow users to follow faster dynamic processes with improved temporal resolution.

Competing sCMOS USB 3.0 Zyla 4.2 PLUS USB 3.0
12-bit Mode / full resolution Not Available 53 fps
16-bit Mode / full resolution 30 fps 40 fps
12-bit Mode / 1024 (v) x 1024 (h) Not Available 200 fps
16-bit Mode / 1024 (v) x 1024 (h) 60 fps 160 fps
12-bit Mode / 512 (v) x 1024 (h) Not Available 398 fps
16-bit Mode / 512 (v) x 1024 (h) 120 fps 318 fps

The Zyla 4.2 PLUS operating in 16-Bit Mode already gives access to the full dynamic signal range at a highly competitive 40 fps (full resolution). Users then have the option to turn to Zyla’s unique 12-Bit Mode, yielding a further 33% acceleration to a blistering 53 fps. Why do this? Simply because many measurements (especially fast measurements) will be inherently low light in nature and don’t require access to the full dynamic range of the camera; optimization for low light at speed will suit just fine! Why compromise on application flexibility?

It doesn’t end there. Zyla is also uniquely configured to give the best Region of Interest (ROI) speed through USB 3.0. Offering on-head ROI processing that is not found in competing sCMOS cameras, the Zyla will take any ROI and make sure that the unwanted row pixels are discarded in real time by the camera FPGA, immediately prior to pushing the image through the USB 3.0 bottleneck.

Should you require access to the next level of speed – easy! Order the Zyla 4.2 PLUS in Camera Link configuration and benefit from 100 fps sustained (much faster from ROIs).

Industry fastest USB 3.0 frame rates
Unique 12-Bit Mode for even faster speeds
Up to 77% faster (full resolution) than competing sCMOS
Unique ROI processing capability – Faster ROI speeds
Follow faster temporal processes with super-convenient USB 3.0 camera

Market Leading Quantitative Linearity

Zyla 4.2 PLUS uses enhanced on-head intelligence to deliver market-leading linearity of > 99.8%, for unparalleled quantitative accuracy of measurement across the full dynamic range.

> 99.8% linearity
Increased quantitative accuracy

Application Modes

LightScan PLUS – Adapts the Rolling Shutter scan mode to applications such as Scanning LightSheet Microscopy and Line Scan Confocal.

FCS Mode - Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy requires the fastest possible speed from a minimal height ROI in order to accurately measure diffusion coefficients of fast diffusing biomolecules. Zyla 4.2 PLUS continuously outputs a lightning fast 26,041 fps from a 2048(h) x 8(v) ROI.