The Revolution WD and XD is Andor’s portfolio of flexible multi-point confocal system solutions focused on live cell imaging and high speed confocal 3D imaging. At the heart of our systems is Borealis with its Perfect Illumination Delivery™ technology. Our Revolution portfolio uses industry leading technology, including the Yokogawa CSU-X1 and CSU-W1, and broadly considered the best choice for high speed imaging needs.

The Revolution WD and XD

The only solution when life is so precious

Multi-point confocal solutions like the Revolution WD and XD should not only be thought of as the perfect live cell imaging solutions, that is a given! The likes of the Revolution WD are outstanding confocal solutions for capturing multi-colour 3D image volumes of small and large samples, and at speeds much higher than the more common point scanner. They can significantly increase your productivity and the quality of the images you capture.

The Revolution WD delivers an outstanding field of view combined with unrivalled depth of focus, ideal for large or thick specimens. With a new disk design the Revolution WD produces high contrast imaging from low to high magnification, supporting the broadest range of samples and applications than ever before. This is the perfect choice for neuroscience, developmental biology, embryology, stem cell research, in-vivo imaging and core facilities.

In the Revolution XD we have integrated the CSU-X into a solution that offers the highest speeds and sensitivity for live cell imaging, optimized for high magnification cellular studies. The XD range is ideal for fast imaging applications such as vesicle tracking, calcium imaging, and cell motility.

In offering the new Neo sCMOS and iXon Ultra EMCCD with the Revolution XD and WD range we can offer unprecedented versatility for your research needs, meeting high speed and high resolution demands. We also manufacture many complementary devices such as laser combiners, camera adapters and our active illumination portfolio. Therefore, we offer the full complement of tools for your research needs, ensuring optimum performance and support.

Features Benefits
Borealis Patented multi-point enhancement technology for improved image quality, greater fluorophore choice and deeper imaging.
Yokogawa spinning disk confocal unit Ultimate in high speed and low phototoxicity for live cell imaging
iXon EMCCDs with highest sensitivity and speeds Detect weak signals, minimize bleaching and toxicity, maximize temporal resolution
sCMOS cameras Nyquist sampling with sensitivity for high resolution confocal imaging
TuCam dual camera adapter Full frame dual wavelength capture and anisotropy studies (e.g. homo-FRET). Combine sCMOS with EMCCD on a single system
Andor 7-line Laser Combiner with active blanking Cover a broad range of fluorophores. Reduced photobleaching and toxicity
Multi-Port Unit Utilize imaging wavelengths for FRAPPA and TIRF devices. Application flexibility minimizing laser costs
Photo-stimulation tools for bleaching, activating, switching, ablating, perturbing, uncaging Reveal the detail behind cellular dynamics across a broad range of models and applications, including optogenetics
Andor Precision Control Unit Fast multidimensional imaging, and additional peripheral device communication and control
Configuration flexibility Application focused configurations
Open hardware architecture Easy to upgrade in the future and so grow with your research requirements
Broad software compatibility Offering you a choice to run your Revolution XD on your preferred software platform
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