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You won’t believe how much we can improve your system performance.

Interline CCD technology has been the dominant ‘workhorse’ detector type for cell microscopy for almost 15 years.

Fundamentally, sCMOS technology has been conceptualized as a vastly superior alternative to interline CCDs. Indeed, Andor’s sCMOS offers dramatically higher performance, yet remains within the same price bracket as interline cameras, and is ideally placed to become the new gold standard 'workhorse' laboratory detector.

The table below compares some typical performance specifications of a 1.4MP interline CCD to those of the new Zyla sCMOS, outlining the approximate factor improvement that is available.

Parameter Typical Interline CCD Specifications Zyla sCMOS Specifications sCMOS Factor Improvement (approx.)
Read Noise 6 e- 1.2 e- 5x More Sensitive
Sustained Frame Rate 12 fps @ 1.4 MP 100 fps @ 5.5 MP*
200 fps @ 1.4MP ROI*
16x Faster
Dynamic Range 2,250:1 25,000:1 10x More Dynamic Range
Sensor Format 1.4 MP 5.5 MP 4x More Pixels

* Frame rates provided are for the ‘10-tap’ Cameralink model. An even more affordable 3-tap model is also available, offering 30 fps sustained at full 5.5 Megapixel resolution.

Why is Zyla such an all-round great imager?

  • Superior performance – vastly superior to interline across key performance parameters.
  • Rolling and Snapshot exposures – Andor sCMOS is unique in offering both these exposure modes in one camera. Global shutter (snapshot) is directly analogous to the interline exposure mechanism.
  • Image Quality –a huge amount of effort and on-camera (FPGA) intelligence has gone into optimizing image quality in Andor sCMOS.
  • Flexibility – fast, slow, weak, bright, pixel binned, region of interest, rolling shutter, snapshot shutter. Andor sCMOS is adaptable to a broad gamut of application requirements
  • Affordable Price – with so many superb features, we have endeavoured
    to make the Andor sCMOS accessible to every lab.

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