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Andor Academy

The Andor Academy is a training and education event co-organized with the leading research facilities around the globe. Previous hosts have included institutes in Paris, Chicago and Beijing.

The Andor Academy is filled with interesting presentations, practical training sessions and is aimed at attracting users of the imaging, microscopy and spectroscopy communities from the local region. The Andor Academy covers a wide selection of topics related to imaging, spectroscopy, microscopy, advanced illumination and image analysis technologies.

We typically focus on key aspects of equipment in context of applications. These may include various types of noise, their impact on sensitivity and the dynamic range, as well as optimization of these parameters for various applications. Other highlights include deciding between CCD, EMCCD and sCMOS imagers, rapid (> 1 kHz) camera imaging paradigms, UV and IR spectroscopy and modern multi-point photostimulation microscopy.

The Andor Academy meetings provide an ideal platform from which users can share their ideas, discuss their scientific and technological interests, learn new and optimize existing imaging or spectroscopy solutions and protocols. This event also aims to serve as a forum, helping you establish new collaborations with other members of these active communities. Expert applications and product support is available during the event and we are happy to help you address your equipment-related challenges and answer your questions.

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Upcoming Academies

There are currently no upcoming academies.