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Controlling Andor Cameras in a High Performance Astronomy Setup

redlogix ASTRO.control is a dedicated platform for control of astronomical telescopes and instrumentation, and in particular high-end scientific cameras. Most Andor CCD & EMCCD cameras for astronomy applications are supported out of the box, including the iXon Ultra 888 and 897 EMCCD cameras, the popular iKon-L 936 4.2 megapixel back-illuminated CCD, as well as the new and exciting iKon XL very large area back-illuminated CCD platform.

Please see this web link for details of supported Andor cameras:

ASTRO.control systems are based on industry grade IPCs, robust enough for the environmental conditions of an observatory. The boxes run a sophisticated Real-time & Embedded Linux operating system. Supported device classes include cameras, filter wheels, focusers, telescope mounts, domes and more.

Framework software and application modules are pre-installed, providing a high-level platform on which custom specific astronomy applications can be implemented. Basic functions for camera control, image acquisition, image calibration and processing, local storage in FITS format, image transfer via Ethernet and communication via INDI protocol are available out of the box.

Use cases for ASTRO.control in combination with Andor cameras include, among others:

Feature Comments
Remote Camera Control, networking Cameras with USB or PCIe connections can be connected to a mini ASTRO controller which forwards camera control and image transfer to Ethernet, thus enabling cameras on the network.
Instrument control An instrument for e.g. observation, guiding, or adaptive optics, which includes a camera plus related devices, like filter wheels or focusers, can be managed by only one control box.
Multiple camera control Multiple cameras can be managed by one control box, including processing their parallel image streams.

For further information on ASTRO.control, please visit the Redlogix web site and follow the contact details given: