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iStar Intensified Cameras

Extracting the very best from intensified CCD and sCMOS imaging sensor technologies.

  iStar sCMOS
  • Superior speed up to 4,000 fps and sps
  • Ultra low noise for high sensitivity
  • NEW Ultrafast spectroscopy and multi-track
  • Ultimate timing accuracy with <2 ns gating
  • Market leading dynamic range at full speed

Nanosecond time-resolved applications

Quantum Physics
Plasma diagnostics
Flow Mechanics
Non-linear optics
TR Luminescence

Quantum Physics

Quantum entanglement occurs when two particles remain connected, even over large distances, so that actions performed on one particle have an effect on the other. Einstein described photon entanglement as "Spooky action at a distance”. Quantum entanglement understanding is the basis of the growing fields of quantum computing and quantum cryptography.

The accurate shuttering capabilities and higher sensitivity of the iStar sCMOS provide high discrimination capabilities for entangled and non-entangled photons.

Further Reading
Press Release: Quantum Imaging Finally Saves Schrödinger's Cat

Options tailored to your needs

Fiber-optic coupling to sensor - maximum throughput Phosphor - conversion of photoelectroncs into green photons Micro Channel Plate (MCP) - photoelectroncs amplification Fast-gated photocatode and substrate
CCD & sCMOS sensors
Image Intensifiers

The iStar family features a range of high resolution sensors for the sharpest images and spectral signatures acquisition, while maintaining the highest dynamic range.

It uses a fiber-coupling arrangement to the image intensifiers for maximum collection efficiency, unlike lens-coupled configurations that would suffer from lower throughput, image vignetting and distortion.

MODELS iStar CCD 312 iStar CCD 320 iStar CCD 334 iStar CCD 340 iStar sCMOS
Pixel matrix 512 x 512 1024 x 256 1024 x 1024 2048 x 512 2560 x 2160
Pixel size (µm) 24 26 13 13.5 6.5
High spatial / spectral resolution - -
Fast imaging rates - - -
Fast spectral rates -
Narrow-band Spectroscopy
Simultaneous broadband Spectroscopy - - -
Extended multitrack - -

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Comparative read noise Comparative dynamic range

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Sustained full-frame imaging rates (fps) Maximum sustained spectral rates (sps)

* 2x2 binning (13 µm pix.), effective 1.4 MP

Competitor Interline ICCD: 1MP, 12.8 µm pixel size

Competitor emICCD: 1 MP, 13 µm pixel size

Model Selection

MODELS iStar CCD 312 iStar CCD 320 iStar CCD 334 iStar CCD 340 iStar sCMOS
Max Frame rate 15.8 fps 15.9 fps 4.2 fps 2.5 fps 50 fps *
Spectral rates
Crop mode / ROI
Pixel well depth 320,000 e- 500,000 e- 100,000 e- 100,000 e- 30,000 e-
Lowest read noise 5.4 e- 7 e- 5 e- 6 e- 2.6 e-
Min. dark current 0.25 e-/pix/s 0.2 e-/pix/s 0.1 e-/pix/s 0.1 e-/pix/s 0.18 e-/pix/s
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* 2x2 binning (13 µm pix.), effective 1.4 MP

Customer Publications

Author Title Year
Portable Deep-Ultraviolet (DUV) Raman for Standoff Detection
Hybrid interferometric/dispersive atomic spectroscopy of laser-induced uranium plasma
Diesel ignition delay and lift-off length through different methodologies using a multi-hole injector
Classification of Chinese tea leaves using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy combined with the discriminant analysis method
Synthesis and luminescent properties of Eu 3+/Eu 2+ co-doped calcium aluminosilicate glass–ceramics
Laser produced plasma diagnosis of carcinogenic heavy metals in gallstones
Generation of Antimicrobial NOx by Atmospheric Air Transient Spark Discharge
Laser-induced breakdown emission in hydrocarbon fuel mixtures
Analysis of benzoquinone decomposition in solution plasma process
Electron density measurements behind a hypersonic shock wave in argon
Propagation distance-resolved characteristics of filament-induced copper plasma
Setup for microwave stimulation of a turbulent low-swirl flame
Measurement of plasma electron density generated in an experiment of Laser Shock Processing, utilizing the Hα-line
Throwing light on hydroxyquinoline-based ruthenium sensitizers with long-lived charge carrier boosts photocatalytic H2 evolution
Comprehensive study on different crystal field environments in highly efficient NaLaF4:Er3+ up conversion phosphor
High-Sensitivity In-Situ Soot Particle Sensing in an Aero-Engine Exhaust Plume Using Long-Pulsed Fiber-Laser Induced Incandescence
Real-time imaging of spin-to-orbital angular momentum hybrid remote state preparation
Time-resolved detection of aromatic compounds on planetary surfaces by ultraviolet laser induced fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy
Transient absorption dynamics of sterically congested Cu (I) MLCT excited states
Temperature and water mole fraction measurements by time-domain-based supercontinuum absorption spectroscopy in a flame
Unveiling the identity of distant targets through advanced Raman-laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy data fusion strategies