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Revolution DSD2

Simply Confocal

Wishing you could afford a confocal microscope? Finding funding a challenge? We feel your pain! In these times of austerity our special offer on the Revolution DSD2 could be the answer.

The Andor Revolution DSD2 is a simple confocal device delivering extraordinary imaging performance. Laser-free and ease of retrofit to an existing fluorescence microscope, DSD2 offers an affordable confocal option for your own laboratory or core facility. The ease of use is such that you will be imaging in no time!

Features Benefits
Unique Disk Design Delivers images of high contrast with high dynamic range for outstanding results. Even with thick samples.
Confocal flexibility Three confocal sectioning modes to address all magnifications and provide freedom to select best match for sample
Large field of view Image large samples or larger numbers of cells to increase productivity
Broad spectrum, laser free 370 – 700nm excitation with full flexibility of filter choice
Easy alignment and low maintenance Minimal running costs for product longevity.
Optimized software and algorithms Up to 22 frames per second real-time confocal imaging for high productivity or live cell imaging. Intuitive control for fast operation and minimal training
Real-time control and viewing Switch viewing mode between widefield and confocal with one mouse click to ease locating sample
Confocal and Widefield modes Use DSD2 to image even weakly fluorescent samples which are difficult to see in confocal.
Microscope agnostic, including stereo and macroscopes Image using your preferred microscope according to your sample requirements
By-pass mode Remove the disk for higher speed fluorescence imaging

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