Optimized Real-Time GPU Data Processing Webinar | Andor

An Optimized Solution for Real-Time GPU Data Processing

June 2015

Speaker: Hugh Gribben

Abstract: The Andor GPU Express library has been created to simplify and optimize data transfers from camera to a CUDA-enabled Nvidia Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) card to facilitate accelerated GPU processing as part of the acquisition pipeline.

GPU Express integrates easily to SDK3 for Andor sCMOS cameras, providing a user-friendly but powerful solution for management of high bandwidth data flow challenges. GPU Express is supported by superb support documentation, offering tutorials and multiple application scenarios.

This webinar discusses how GPU Express can help accelerate data acquisition rates for cutting edge low light applications such as Light Sheet Microscopy, Super-Resolution Microscopy and High Time Resolution Astrophysics.

Our expert software engineer will also discuss challenges faced with real time GPU processing such as complex buffer management, throughput optimization and general access complexity and how GPU Express has been developed to simplify these processes for users.

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