Combining Optogenetics, Microscopy and Electrophysiology | Andor

Benefits of combining Optogenetics, Microscopy and Electrophysiology

March 2016

Optogenetics or optophysiology is a rapidly growing technique used across an ever broadening array of research fields. Investigators now genetically modify many signalling pathway elements to enable precise and spatially targeted light control of biology down to a single cell or sub-cellular level. Neuroscience is probably the largest research field using targeted light in order to control neuronal excitation and so gain better insight into how nerve cells communicate, how they behave within the context of a network, and the impact on the whole model organism.

This webinar provided a brief background into what optogenetics is, and more specifically highlight some publications that combine microscopy with optogenetic manipulation. This demonstrated the power of these tools in neuroscience research. We then illustrated how technology that enables the researcher to photo-stimulate optogenetically modified targets using microscopy, and the power of combining this with electrophysiology techniques in the combined technique of optophysiology.

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