What Is The Meaning Of CCD Frame Rates? | Andor

CCD Frame Rates

A definition of the frame rate of a CCD

The frame rate of a camera is the fastest rate at which an image or spectra can continuously recorded and saved. Frame rates are governed principally by the number of pixels and the pixel readout rate but other factors such as whether a sub array is used, whether there is binning and at which vertical shift clock speeds are also factors. In image mode the frame rate is measured using full frame readout with all the individual pixels readout at normal operating clocking speeds. In spectral mode the frame rate is measured with a fully vertically binned pattern and normal operating clock speeds.

Camera Full Vertical Binning
iDus 401A (e. g.- BV) 81 sps
iDus 420A (e. g. - BV) 75 sps
Newton 920 (e.g. – BV) 122 sps
Newton 940 (e.g. – BV) 273 sps
iDus InGaAs 490A 193 sps
iStar 312T 291 sps
iStar 320T 322.4 sps
iStar 334T 145 sps
iStar 340T 135 sps

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