CCPG1 - A new breed of autophagy cargo receptor

CCPG1 - A new breed of autophagy cargo receptor

March 2018

A brief presentation providing an overview of the challenges and solutions available for imaging small intracellular elements, such as autophagosomes. It will cover the benefits of using our high-speed confocal technology, Dragonfly, and a number of tools that optimise your images to increase the accuracy and ease with which you can analyse time-lapse data. An entire workflow for this application is possible, from the creation of three dimensional time series to measuring parameters such as velocity, direction and distance travelled to help elucidate the underlying mechanisms of autophagy.

Learning objectives

  • Tools for visualising ER-phagy
  • Identifying links between ER-phagy and ER stress signals
  • Resolving the role of ER-phagy in physiology

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