An Introduction to Micro-Spectroscopy | Webinar | Andor

Micro-Spectroscopy - Enabling Research From Novel Nano-Devices To Clinical Diagnosis

March 2015

Micro-spectroscopy is an ever developing modality for new and exciting research in the areas of nano-technology and bioscience.

This webinar discussed modular approaches to microspectroscopy and how it is being applied in a range of research areas such as micro-luminescent and plasmonic studies on nano-structures to its use in studies of live-cell and tissue analysis.

The modular approach to micro-spectroscopy is where individual components such as a spectrograph, microscope, detector (CCD, EMCCD, InGaAs), light sources and so on are taken and integrated into a single working system – usually carried out by the researchers themselves.

For more information view our micro-spectroscopy solutions.

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