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Near Infrared and Short Wave Infrared Spectroscopy

Featured Application on NIR and SWIR

Spectral diagnosis in the Near Infrared (NIR) or Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) is of key importance in scenarios involving for example deeper, non-invasive probing into biological samples, minimization of fluorescence in Raman-based biological samples analysis, investigation of increasingly popular NIR biotags including quantum dots or SERS tags, or characterisation of nanowires or carbon nanotubes.

Andor’s high sensitivity CCDs and InGaAs detectors and high throughput, high resolution spectrographs help Researchers on a day-to-day basis to overcome the photon collection challenges associated with these typically low light applications.

Application Notes and Case Studies
Raman and Photoluminescence measurements on laser lithographically writt...

Silicon (Si) plays an important role in semiconductor devices. During manufacturing, the structures in Si are traditionally generated using lithography. Confocal Raman and Photoluminescence (PL) imaging are useful tools for quality assurance to investigate stress...

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Diagnosis of skin tumors during Mohs micrographic surgery

Automated imaging and objective diagnosis of excised tissue specimens during cancer surgery is a promising approach for increasing the efficiency of the most advanced surgical procedure. Firstly, this quantitative approach can increase the efficacy of surgery by eliminating the errors...

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Measurement of OH airglow temperatures in the mesopause region

The German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) operates ten Infrared- Spectrometers GRIPS (ground-based infrared p-branch spectrometers) for routine observations of the so-called airglow originating from the upper mesosphere /lower...

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Spectral Flow Cytometry expanded to Visible and Near Infrared Fluorescence Spectroscopy

The inherent design of a flow cytometer gives a unique advantage in multiparameter measurements on single particles, where each fluorphore is matched to a unique detector. However, the long standing goal of collecting complete emission spectra of spectrally labeled...

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Fibre Probe Based Raman Spectroscopy Bio-sensor for Surgical Robotics

In many surgical procedures involving the excision of tumorous tissue, the surgeon is challenged in deciding when the excision is complete whilst at the same time trying to minimise the amount of healthy tissue removed. This is particularly challenging during laparoscopy or...

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Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Spectroscopy as technique...

Tissue biopsies are used to ensure accurate diagnosis of cancerous tissue of the lungs and the treatment planning that follows thereafter. However, a significant number of transthoracic biopsies to analyse lung lesions give indeterminate results. A group working at the Antoni van...

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Non-invasive Quality Control of Cryopreserved Samples

Since the dawn of modern medicine, human biological material has been collected for a variety of purposes. Should the material be collected for diagnostic purposes, it is often possible to be satisfied with a relatively short shelf-life. However, many unique samples are collected and...

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NIR micro-photoluminescence characterization of Single semiconductor Quantum Wires

Nanoscale structures (quantum dots and quantum wires) are being studied extensively with a view to building ever more exotic devices, such as more efficient lasers and LEDs, or quantum information processing components. One type of material under investigation consists of...

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Probing Molecular Structure with Low Frequency Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy has become an extremely valuable tool for measuring and identifying chemical composition and molecular structures. Traditional applications of Raman spectroscopy focus on Stokes signals, 200 - 4000 cm-1 away from the excitation laser line...

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Spectral characteristics of an integrated Type-I parametric down-conversion source

In recent research on quantum communication parametric down-conversion (PDC) in χ(2)-nonlinear crystals play a major role for the generation of photon pairs (see e.g. [1], [2], [3]). In particular, the addressing of atomic transitions for quantum memory applications...

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Three-Dimensional Plasmonic Nanoclusters

Assembling nanoparticles into well-defined structures is an important way to create and tailor the optical properties of materials. These optical properties of subwavelength metallic structures arise from their ability to support surface plasmons, oscillations of the delocalized electrons in...

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Quantitative monitoring of biphasic reactions using flow systems by Raman spectroscopy

Biphasic reactions offer tremendous opportunities in industrial chemical syntheses due to the ease at which the phases and hence reagents can be separated, thereby avoiding energy intensive separation processes such as distillations [1]. A contemporary challenge presented...

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Evaluation of genetic damage in tobacco and arsenic exposed population of Southern Assam, India using buccal cytome assay and comet assay
Chloroquine-induced glioma cells death is associated with mitochondrial membrane potential loss, but not oxidative stress
Metal-coordination: using one of nature's tricks to control soft material mechanics
Prototype instrument development for non-destructive detection of pesticide residue in apple surface using Raman technology
Optimising the signal-to-noise ratio in measurement of photon pairs with detector arrays
Statistics of twin-beam states by photon-number resolving detectors up to pump depletion
The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox in twin images
Spatial properties of twin-beam correlations at low-to high-intensity transition
Coherence properties of high-gain twin beams generated in pump-depletion regime
Photophysical Properties of the Excited States of Bacteriochlorophyll f in Solvents and in Chlorosomes
The influence of non-imaging detector design on heralded ghost-imaging and ghost-diffraction examined using a triggered ICCD camera
Method for Assessing the Reliability of Molecular Diagnostics Based on Multiplexed SERS-Coded Nanoparticles
Effect of the laser and light-emitting diode (LED) phototherapy on midpalatal suture bone formation after rapid maxilla expansion: a Raman spectroscopy analysis
Optofluidic Raman sensor for simultaneous detection of the toxicity and quality of alcoholic beverages
Monitoring angiogenesis using a human compatible calibration for broadband near-infrared spectroscopy
In vivo Raman spectroscopy for detection of oral neoplasia: A pilot clinical study
A combined Raman-fluorescence spectroscopic probe for tissue diagnostics applications
Target-specific nanoparticles containing a broad band emissive NIR dye for the sensitive detection and characterization of tumor development
Wrapping and dispersion of multiwalled carbon nanotubes improves electrical conductivity of protein–nanotube composite biomaterials
Tuning the 3D plasmon field of nanohole arrays

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