Raman spectroscopy - A new dawn in clinical diagnostics

Raman spectroscopy - A new dawn in clinical diagnostics

February 2017

Raman spectroscopy (RS) has shown enormous potential in sensitive and specific elucidation of latent information of a diverse array of pathophysiological conditions. This talk highlighted the application of RS in two important clinical domains, namely middle-ear pathology and alternative glycemic marker detection. Dr Pandey presented his first demonstration of distinguishing the cholesteatoma from a morphologically similar lesion called myringosclerosis. The other focal point will be on the effort in developing a RS-based objective and reagent-free assay for multiplex detection of long-term glycemic markers. These results demonstrate the path forward towards his groups clinical translation of such integrative photonics solutions.

Jeff Oleske from Andor Technology presented the benefits of Low Dark Current-Deep Depletion (LDC-DD) technology for NIR Spectroscopy. The iDus 416 CCD from Andor combines the LDC-DD sensor with a deep TE-cooled platform for high sensitivity and high resolution NIR detection.

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