State-Of-The-Art High Time Resolution Astronomy - From AO to Pulsars

State-Of-The-Art High Time Resolution Astronomy - From AO to Pulsars

November 2015

Professor Andrew Shearer discussed Astronomical Polarisation with GASP (The Galway Astronomical Stokes Polarimeter), designed to measure optical polarisation for faint astronomical targets. The talk will describe the scientific challenges which will be addressed by GASP as well as the first result and system performance.

Professor Colin Bradley discussed his work surrounding the design and implementation of theRAVEN Multi Object Adaptive Optics instrument. The webinar focussed on a dedicated MOAO instrument (called RAVEN) that was designed and built at the University of Victoria Adaptive Optics Laboratory and which acts as an engineering and science pathfinder for transformative wide-field AO technologies.

Dr Colin Coates from Andor Technology provided an overview of the key high sensitivity, high temporal resolution detector technology currently used in diverse astronomy applications.

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