WD System

Andor Technology is proud to introduce the Revolution WD. This exciting new member of the successful Revolution series has at its heart the latest spinning disk solution from Yokogawa, the CSU-W1. It delivers unrivalled high speed and high versatility, offering stunning image quality at all magnifications. The large field of view is extremely well suited to the new fast and ultrasensitive iXon Ultra 888 back-illuminated megapixel EMCCD, as well as the high resolution 4.2 and 5.5 megapixel sCMOS cameras.

  • 4x Field of View
  • Low and high magnification
  • Deeper imaging
  • Improved contrast
  • Greater versatility

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The new Revolution WD delivers an unrivalled high speed, high versatility combination. Offering stunning image quality at all magnifications this latest generation of spinning disk confocal meets the demands of the broadest ever selection of sample types.

The Revolution WD will become the essential live cell imaging solution for Neuroscience, Stem Cell research, Embryology as well as Core Facilities. With an improved 4x field of view and new disk design, you can image bigger and deeper than ever before. The enhanced field of view is ideally suited to couple to the new iXon Ultra 888, the largest field of view EMCCD available, now speed boosted by 3x to deliver 26 fps!

Features Benefits
4x Field of View Image larger samples with larger camera format, EMCCD or sCMOS
Choice of pinhole (25μm or 50μm) 10x to 100x objective. Better performance for large samples
Optimized pinhole spacing Improved signal to noise. Better performance with thick samples
Straight by-pass mode Quick switch for cameras use with non-confocal modalities (e.g DIC and TIRF)
sCMOS cameras Nyquist sampling with sensitivity for high resolution confocal imaging
iXon Ultra 888 EMCCDs Largest field of view EMCCD; single photon sensitive, > 90% QE and 26 fps.
Andor 6-line Laser Combiner with active blanking Cover a broad range of fluorophores. Reduced photobleaching and toxicity
Andor Precision Control Unit Fast multidimensional imaging, and additional peripheral device communication and control
Andor Multi-Port Unit Utilize imaging wavelengths for FRAPPA and TIRF devices. Application flexibility minimizing laser costs
TuCam dual camera adapter Full frame dual wavelength capture and anisotropy studies (e.g. homo-FRET). Combine sCMOS with EMCCD on a single system
Photo-stimulation tools for bleaching, activating, switching, ablating, perturbing, uncaging Reveal the detail behind cellular dynamics across a broad range of models and applications, including optogenetics

Borealis Upgrade - 'Supercharge' your CSU

Do you have a Revolution XD or WD, Yokogawa CSU-W, CSU-X, CSU-21/22, or CSU-10?

Upgrade to Borealis for:

  Improved cross-field analysis & seamless tiled imaging
  Lower laser powers and lower costs
  Extended wavelength range and greater choice of probes
  Higher contrast imaging and improved optical sectioning

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Key Microscopy Performers

iXon Ultra Range

The highly innovative iXon Ultra 888 is the world’s fastest Megapixel, Back-illuminated EMCCD camera. With a large field of view, well-matched to the Revolution WD, full frame rates of up to 26 fps can be achieved. The iXon Ultra 897 with its larger pixels and smaller sensor is well matched for high-sensitivity, high-speed imaging on the Revolution XD, with full frame rates of up to 56 fps. Crop mode can engaged for higher speeds on both cameras.

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Zyla sCMOS

Unlike any CCD or CMOS camera to come before, Andor's multi-megapixel sCMOS cameras are unique in their ability to combine ultra-low noise, extremely rapid frame rates, wide dynamic range, large field of view and high-resolution. Available in 4.2 or 5.5 megapixel.

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Laser Combiner

ALC is an established market leader with up to 6 solid state laser lines in a single 19" rack enclosure and integral AOTF for rapid switching and blanking. MPU provides unique flexibility with millisecond switching to one of 3 fiber ports for confocal, FRAPPA or TIRF excitation.

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Andor's TuCam is a new generation two-camera adapter for macro or microscopic imaging applications. Available in C- or CSUX-mount, TuCam features include large aperture, exceptional transmission, very low distortion and high precision alignment using kinematic cassettes.

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