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iKon-XL and iKon Large CCD Series

Now including the NEW iKon-XL very large area platform, the iKon slow scan CCD series offers unique thermoelectric cooling to -100°C, alongside industry-leading low noise performance, exceptional dynamic range and extremely broad back-illuminated QE profiles. The robust quality, low maintenance, hassle-free design is ideal for usage across many experimental set-ups, including in remote astronomical observing sites.

Model Active Pixels Cooling Pixel Size Frame Rate Read Noise OEM Request
iKon-XL 231
4096 x 4108 -100 15 x 15 <1 2.1
iKon-XL 230
4096 x 4108 -100 15 x 15 <1 4.5
iKon-L 936
2048 x 2048 -100 13.5 x 13.5 0.95 2.9
iKon-M 934
1024 x 1024 -100 13 x 13 4.4 2.9
iKon-M 912
512 x 512 -100 24 x 24 14.4 3
PV Inspector
1024 x 1024 -100 13 x 13 4.4 9

The NEW iKon-XL is a unique TE-cooled, very large area CCD camera platform, accommodating outstanding field of view sensors that are ideally suited to long exposure astronomy applications. Patent-pending ColdSpace™ technology cools a back-illuminated 16.8 Megapixel sensor (e2v) down to -100 °C, avoiding the requirement for liquid nitrogen or unreliable cryo coolers. Extended Dynamic Range technology is complemented by up to 18-bit digitization capability.

The iKon-L is a superb 4 Megapixel, high-sensitivity CCD platform, delivering superb QE, low noise, high dynamic range and large field of view. This platform is used widely across astronomy and weak luminescence detection applications.

The iKon-M platform includes a 1 Megapixel NIR-enhanced Deep Depletion model, ideal for Bose-Einstein Condensation. The iKon-M ‘PV Inspector’ has been designed specifically for Photovoltaic Inspection.

NEW Dual AR Extended Range sensor options offer unparalleled back-illuminated QE performance across the broadest possible wavelength range, spanning UV to NIR.

Features Benefits
Thermoelectric (TE) cooling to -100°C Negligible dark current, without the aggravation or safety concerns associated with LN2 or unreliable cryo coolers. Market-exclusive TE cooling specs of -100°C with 10°C water chiller/recirculator; down to -80°C with air-cooling via integrated low-noise fan.
Up to 16.8 Megapixel iKon-XL platform offers outstanding field of view, while uniquely maintaining -100 °C TE cooling through patent pending ColdSpace™ technology.
Up to 95% QE Back-illuminated sensors available for maximum photon capture and higher S/N ratio. NEW ‘Dual AR Extended Range’ sensors for broadest QE coverage from UV to NIR.
Vacuum design Proprietary and proven UltraVacTM vacuum process, critical for sustained vacuum integrity, sensor protection and unequalled cooling, year after year.
Up to 18-bit iKon-XL platform offers unique Extended Dynamic Range technology, combining lowest noise and maximum well depth in a single scan.
PV Inspector iKon-M variant specifically for in-line inspection of Photovoltaics using EL or PL in the NIR.
Up to 5MHz pixel readout Higher readout rates and quad output (iKon-XL) for faster dynamics or focusing
Direct Interface Flexibility "Plug and Play" connectivity direct from camera to PC, via USB3.0 and direct long distance fibre optic (iKon-XL) or USB 2.0 (iKon L and M).

Options and Accessories

Windows for cameras:

The standard window has been selected to satisfy most applications. However, other options are available. The alternative camera window code must be specified at time of ordering.

To view and select other window options please refer to the Camera Windows Supplementary Specification Sheet which gives the transmission characteristics, product codes and procedure for entering the order. Further detailed information on the windows can be found in the Technical note – ‘Camera Windows: Optimizing for Different Spectral Regions

The following accessories are available:

XW-RECR Re-circulator for enhanced cooling performance
ACC-XW-CHIL-160 Oasis 160 Ultra compact chiller unit
OA-CCFM C-mount to Canon F-mount adapter
OA-CNAF C-mount to Nikon F-mount adapter
OA-COFM C-mount to Olympus F-mount adapter
OA-CTOT C-mount to T-mount adapter
OA-ECAF Auto ext. tubes (set of 3) for Canon AF
OA-ECMT Auto ext. tubes (set of 3) for C-mount
OA-ENAF Auto ext. tubes (set of 3) for Nikon AF
XU-RECR/TRANS USB 2.0 - Transmitter and Receiver, including 2 power supplies

Multimedia Library
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