Andor | Apogee Filter Wheels

Apogee Filter Wheels

The Apogee camera range is supplemented by a range of filter wheels, designed for integration to Aspen and Alta models, as summarised in the table below.

AFW50-9R AFW50-7S AFW50-10S AFW31-17R
Compatible Cameras Alta, Aspen Alta, Aspen Alta, Aspen Alta, Aspen
Filter positions 9 7 10 17
Filter Shape Round Square Square Round
Filter size 50mm 50mm 50mm 31mm
Interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Filter precision locking mechanism

The AFW50 series of USB 2.0 controlled filter wheels provide large format filtering solutions for all Aspen and Alta cameras. The AFW50-9R filter wheel provides 9 positions for 50mm / 2" round filters. The AFW50-7S and AFW50-10S provide 7 and 10 positions for 50mm / 2" square filters, respectively. The new AFW31-17R filter wheel provides 17 positions for 31mm round filters.

A precision locking mechanism on all of our filter wheels ensures accurate positioning of each filter, each time.

A 2” slip fit adapter is available for mounting on telescopes. Coupled with the optional Nikon F-mount lens adapter, the camera and filter wheel can be easily mounted to any F-mount lens, or to any microscope with an Nikon F-mount camera adapter.