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iKon-L SY

The iKon-L SY a high energy detector with multiple digitization rates up to 5MHz. It offers outstanding field of view, resolution and dynamic range and widely used across Astronomy and Bio-Imaging OEM applications. It has UltraVac™ cooling to -100°C.

  • ‘Standalone’ Be filter
  • Peak QE of 95%
  • 13.5 x 13.5 μm pixel size
  • Large area 2048 x 2048 sensor
  • Up to 5 MHz pixel readout

iKon-L SY

Andor’s iKon-L SY 936 is designed to block unwanted visible light with it’s built in Berylium foil window while allowing the lowest X-ray photon energies to be imaged. The 2048 x 2048 array and13.5 x 13.5 μm pixels combine to deliver a 27.6 x 27.6 mm active image area.

The iKon-L SY 936 offers outstanding resolution, field of view, sensitivity and dynamic range performance. Ultimate sensitivity performance is achieved through combination of > 90% QE (back-illuminated sensor), optimally selected fibre and low noise readout electronics.

TE cooled for stable performance without the aggravation of liquid nitrogen or compressed gas cooling, perfect for the longest of exposure times. USB 2.0 connectivity and multi-MHz readout options enable seamless integration and operation.

Key Specifications
Active Pixels 2048 x 2048
Sensor Size 27.6 x 27.6 mm
Pixel Size 13.5 μm x 13.5 μm
Active area pixel well depth (typical) 100,000 e-
Maximum Readout Rate 5 MHz 
Read Noise 2.9 e-
Maximum Cooling -55 °C
Frame Rate 0.95 fps
Berylium foil thickness 250 µm
Features Benefits
Standalone’ Be filter 250 µm Berylium window with a back filled chamber as standard
Peak QE of 95% High detector sensitivity
13.5 x 13.5 µm pixel size Optimal balance of dynamic range and resolution
Large area 2048 x 2048 sensor Large field of view and high resolution
Up to 5 MHz pixel readout Slower readout for low noise, faster speeds 
for dynamic processes and 5 MHz for 
focusing mode
USB 2.0 connection USB plug and play – no controller box
Ultra-low noise readout Intelligent low-noise electronics offer the most ‘silent’ system noise available
Dual output High sensitivity output for low-light applications, or a high capacity output for maximum dynamic range with extensive binning.
Cropped sensor mode Specialised acquisition mode for continuous imaging with fast temporal resolution.
Enhanced baseline clamp Essential for quantitative accuracy of dynamic measurements.
Graphs and Drawings
QE Curve

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 Dimensions - Back

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