iKon-XL SO - Open Front VUV, EUV & X-Ray CCD | Andor

iKon-XL SO

The NEW iKon-XL ‘SO’ very large area series offers a 16.8 MP, high resolution sensor platform with superb sensitivity and dynamic range up to 18-bit for challenging low-light direct X-Ray detection. It offers an extremely convenient platform with maintenance-free thermoelectric cooling down -75oC as well as USB3 and long-distance direct fibre optic connectivity.

  • Large area 16.8MP sensor
  • Peak QE of 95%
  • 15 μm pixel size
  • Up to 18-bit digitization
  • TE cooling to -80°C

Very Large Area Open-front CCD for Direct Detection

Andor’s iKon-XL ‘SO’ is a TE-cooled, very large area CCD camera platform, accommodating big field of view sensors that are ideally suited to low light X-Ray imaging applications. It thermoelectrically cools back-illuminated 16.8 Megapixel sensors (e2v) down to -75°C, avoiding inconvenient maintenance-intensive LN2 cooling interface or unreliable cryo coolers. Extended Dynamic Range technology is complemented by up to 18-bit digitization. Flexible connectivity is standard through either USB 3.0 or a long distance direct fibre optic interface. iKon-XL is a high quality, robust and ‘hassle-free’ detector solution.

Key Specifications
  iKon XL ‘SO’ 230 iKon XL ‘SO’ 231
Sensor Options BN: back-illuminated, uncoated BN: back-illuminated uncoated
BR-DD: back-illuminated deep-depletion
Pixels 4096 (H) x 4108 (V)
Pixel Size 15 x 15 µm
Image Area 61.4 x 61.7 mm with 100% fill factor
Minimum temperatures
@ coolant temperature of 10°C
@ coolant temperature of 16°C
air cooled (@22°C ambient)
Blemish specification Grade 1 or higher, as per manufacturers definition