iXon Ultra 897

The iXon Ultra platform takes the popular back-illuminated 512 x 512 frame transfer sensor and overclocks readout to 17 MHz, pushing speed performance to an outstanding 56 fps (full frame), whilst maintaining single photon sensitivity and quantitative stability throughout.

  • Overclocked to 17 MHz readout for 56 fps full frame
  • NEW Optically Centered Crop Mode – Live Cell Super Resolution at 569fps
  • Single Photon Sensitive
  • EX2 Technology for wider QE response
  • TE Cooling to -100 °C
  • Fringe Suppression

iXon Ultra 897 - Ultimate Sensitivity... Supercharged!

Facilitated by a fundamental redesign, the iXon Ultra platform takes the popular back-illuminated 512 x 512 frame transfer sensor and overclocks readout to 17 MHz, pushing speed performance to an outstanding 56 fps (full frame), whilst maintaining quantitative stability throughout.

Ultimate Sensitivity is attained through deep thermoelectric cooling down to -100°C and industry-lowest clock induced charge noise. Additional unique features of the iXon Ultra 897 include USB 2.0 connectivity and direct raw data access for on the fly processing. EMCCD and conventional CCD readout modes provide heightened application flexibility, with a new ‘low and slow’ noise performance in CCD mode.

The significant speed boost offered in the iXon Ultra 897 facilitates a new level of temporal resolution to be attained, ideal for speed challenged low-light applications such as super-resolution microscopy, single molecule tracking, ion signalling, cell motility, single photon counting, lucky astronomy and adaptive optics. The extremely low noise of the iXon Ultra 897 coupled with the new overclocked speed performance will place this model at the forefront of consideration when it comes to upgrading the high end imaging performance of your laboratory.

Key Specifications
Active Pixels 512 x 512
Pixel Size 16 x 16 µm
Image Area (mm) 8.2 x 8.2
Image Area Pixel Well Depth 180,000 e-
Max. Readout Rate 17 MHz
Frame Rate 56 - 11074 fps
Read Noise  < 1 e- with EM gain
QEmax > 90%
Features Benefits
Overclocked to 17 MHz readout Pushes frames to 56 fps (full frame); 595 fps with 128 x 128 cropped sensor mode.
Optically Centred Crop Mode (live cell super-resolution) Continuous imaging with fastest possible frame rate from centrally positioned ROIs. Highly enabling for live cell super-resolution and much more (e.g. 569 fps with 128 x 128 ROI).
EX2 Technology Extended QE response, beyond standard back-illuminated.
TE cooling to -100°C Critical for elimination of darkcurrent detection limit.
RealGain™ Absolute EMCCD gain selectable directly from a linear and quantitative scale.
Fringe Suppression Technology Reduced etaloning in NIR
OptAcquire Optimize the highly flexible iXon for different application requirements at the click of a button.
Count Convert Quantitatively capture and view data in electrons or incident photons. Applied either in real time or postprocessing, Count Convert does this important conversion for you.
EMCAL™ Patented user-initiated self-recalibration of EM gain.
iCam Exposure time fast switching provides market leading acquisition efficiency.
Minimal Clock-Induced Charge Unique pixel clocking parameters, yielding minimized spurious noise floor.
USB 2.0 True universal ‘plug and play’. No internal card required for compatibility. Operates readily on laptop at top speed.
UltraVac™ Critical for sustained vacuum integrity and to maintain unequalled cooling and QE performance, year after year. 7 year vacuum warranty.
Spurious Noise Filter Intelligent algorithms to filter clock induced charge events from the background. Real time or post-processing.
Direct Data Access Camera Link output port to facilitate direct access to data for ‘on the fly’ processing.
Enhanced Photon Counting Modes Intuitive single photon counting modes to overcome multiplicative noise. Real time or post-processing.
Superior Baseline Clamp and EM Stability Essential for quantitative accuracy of dynamic measurements.
Low Noise CCD Mode ‘2 in 1’ flexibility. EMCCD for ultra-sensitivity at speed, conventional CCD for longer acquisitions.
FPGA Timestamp Hardware generated timestamp with 10 ns accuracy.
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