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Imaris measurement pro enables researchers to extract critical statistical parameters from their microscopy images thus allowing for the quantification of scientific findings.

  • Obtain, view and export statistics such as volume, surface area and ellipticity
  • Obtain precise measurements of intensity values for groups of selected voxels
  • "Select objects of interest for extracting key statistical parameters"
  • Sort and classify objects in real-time based on statistical parameter
  • Measure distances between points anywhere within an object or volume


Imaris MeasurementPro

Because Your Image Is More Than A Pretty Picture

The ability to visualize biological processes and structures at finer levels of detail is one of the pillars of life sciences research. Another is measurement. In addition to the speed, precision and ease-of-use of Imaris, MesurementPro adds a set of high-performance tools to analyze your multidimensional image data. The fast and easy generation of statistics in Imaris MeasurementPro allows you to quickly access the most relevant statistical parameters with the simple click of a button. These statistics provide insights into the biological properties of your sample; thus, allowing you to spend less time calculating numerical data and more time interpreting biological results. Measure distances in 3D, areas, volumes, voxel intensities, as well as identify objects based on intensity and size. Imaris MeasurementPro has three components:

  • An extension of Imaris that enables the calculation and display of many statistical measurements from both voxel data and segmented objects.
  • A component for interactive 3D distance and line intensity measurements.
  • A mechanism to construct 3D surface objects from 2D semi-automatically drawn contours.

Full time 3D/4D interactivity, immediate statistical and visual feedback are features that set MeasurementPro apart from the competition. Once statistics are generated for segmented objects, you can filter and classify the results based on any one or combination of the statistical parameters calculated. As you select in a histogram of values, the objects that meet the selected criteria are visually identified in real time. You can also look at the statistics for all objects as a list and by selecting a value from the list; the object meeting those criteria instantly is highlighted in the fully interactive 3D/4D view. Alternatively, you can click into the visual image to select an object or group of objects, and the statistical values for those objects are immediately selected. The analysis routine, i.e. the steps and settings selected during the creation wizard, are saved in the "Scene File" and can be re applied to different data sets when required.

Imaris MeasurementPro takes the guesswork out of evaluating the statistical results by allowing the user to choose their preferred selection method and making selection of objects easy.

Once the desired statistics are selected they may be exported as plain text or a Microsoft® Excel file for further analysis. Exported statistical results are always identified by an "Object ID" so that every statistical parameter can be easily correlated back to the original image. Simply type in the "Object ID" in Imaris, hit the search button, and center to object button, and your object will be found and placed in the center of the screen.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Intensity Statistics Include Min, Max, Median, Sun, StdDev, and Center on a per channel basis
Size Statistics Include Area, Volume, # of Voxels, # of Verticies, and # of Triangles and for spots diameter
Shape Satistics Include Ellipsoid Axis Lengths A, B, and C each in the X, Y and Z dimensions, the Ellipticity oblate and prolate, and the Sphericity.
Positional Statistics Include Center of Image Mass and Homogeneous Mass in X, Y, and Z
Filtering Both during the creation process for "Surface Objects", "Spot Objects", "Cells" or "Filaments" and once again after the objects have been created, Imaris MeasurementPro allows you to include or exclude objects based on any calculated statistical parameter. (Imaris Cell and Filament Tracer are needed to use Cells and Filaments)
Sorting And Classifying The statistics tab in Imaris MeasurementPro allows the data to be sorted based on any statistical parameter. You can select one or many objects from the list and they are automatically selected in the visual view.
Selection In addition to selecting objects via filtering, sorting, or classifying them, you may pick single or combinations of objects from the visual view by simply clicking on then. The associated statistics are highlighted in
Grouping Any object that has been selected via one of the methods above may be copied to a new group. The original segmentation is retained for future use and the new group may be colored independently of the rest of the objects or have its statistics exported separately.
Export Easily export statistical values as .csv, Excel .xml or native Excel .xls files. Exported statistical values are compatible with open-office and suitable for MAC users.
Timeplot Time dependant specific values can be displayed via graphical representation. You can select a time point of interest in the graph and the visual view in surpass changes accordingly
Averages For images that contain multiple objects, the average of each statistical parameter for all objects in the image is calculated. These averages are calculated for spots objects, surface objects, and filament objects.
Color Coded Values Choose a statistical parameter and color code your statistical values based on this statistic for visual clarity.
Find Objects Search for objects by ID number, or click on your object to obtain the corresponding ID number. If you're doing the statistical analysis outside of(e.g. Excel), you still can find the objects by ID number. From the ID number identified with the statistic in excel, enter it into the search function inand the object is automatically selected in the visual view.
Position Measurement points can be placed to any position in the 3D volume image using the “AutoDepth” algorithm for automatic 3D positioning. Measurement points can be placed on any “Surpass” component such as an “Ortho Slice”, “Oblique Slice”, and on “Spots”, “Surfaces”, or “Filaments” or measurement points can be positioned via numerical input. Measurement points can also be used to measure distances between non-segmented volume rendered data. The 3D cursor interacts preferentially with a) the most intense voxels of all channels or b) the most intense voxels of a specific channel.
Customize Customize the display by choosing different point shapes, colors and adjustable font sizes. Choose to measure between two points at a time or an entire series of points.
Line Intensity Profiles Along any line that is measured a line intensity profile can be created in Imaris MeasurementPro.
Build Objects Generate smooth, accurate objects, which offer maximum image quality and high volume precision from 2D contours.
Draw Contour Surfaces Draw contours by clicking into individual 2D planes in the image. Zoom or pan as needed; pause or resume contour drawing at any time. Click to add or delete points that define the contour of the object so that the most precise description of the object of interest can be obtained. Build sophisticated objects that fork or merge on section planes.
Trace Contour Surfaces Trace contours while the system automatically inserts vertices at user-defined intervals – either lapsed time or distance. In addition, the isoline and the magic wand tools can automatically detect complete 2D contours (automatic edge detection). Finally, the "auto adjust" tool can automatically refine the manual, semi-automatic or automatic detection of 2D contours.
Flexibility Combine manually built with automatically generated objects such as surfaces or any other surpass object.


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